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Antahkarana is an ancient Sanskrit word that means “web of light.” The antahkarana connects us together, like a macrocosmic dreamcatcher.

We are lightbearers. We bear God’s light in our hearts, and that light flows through the antahkarana to strengthen life everywhere.

We are mystics and gnostics. We seek direct personal experience with God, our Light/Life Source, manifesting through myriad forms of divine expression.

We follow in a lineage of esoteric teachers who harmonize the truths of the world's major religions. We share teachings of ascended masters and heavenly beings with an appreciation for the progressive revelation that comes to those who are pure in heart.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. ” (Matt. 5:8)

We strive to become the fruit of those teachings by resolving our psychology and genuinely serving others.

As such, we do not endorse directly any religious organizations, but rather seek to share published teachings from many sources that resonate with the soul. We deeply appreciate the new insights that are coming forth through the Holy Spirit as part of our unfolding work, and that echo the training our souls receive in the etheric retreats of the heaven-world during the hours of sleep. These new golden age teachings are intended to help us become a better expression of our higher self.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.” (Acts 2:18)

Love is the essential element in every interaction. We want to relate to others with good will and respect, following the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This helps us more closely outpicture the culture presently unfolding in the etheric retreats of the heaven-world, bringing it closer to our conscious awareness.

“I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people: And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.” (Hebrew 8:10-11)

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This 4-part video series Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds is so astoundingly beautiful, profound and freeing. I would like to share it with you. It is a Christmas gift to all who have stood for truth, enlightenment, beauty and divine contemplation for the many years and lifetimes, in the footsteps of the great teachers of East and West.

Yes, this is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and some are waking up, and waking us up to our true God Reality. Reminiscent of the golden days of Atlantis, science emerges as the handmaid of the Lord.

Thank you for your efforts in the Light.

Let us keep on keeping on and see this work through to its final victory!

Wishing you a most blessed New Year 2014!

With love, Therese



Brian gives a short teaching on numbers for the coming years through 2021



With Love from our Family to Yours this Holiday Season and Always!