We are Aquarian mystics. We are dedicated to a revolution in higher consciousness.

We espouse the divine qualities of freedom, independence, interdependence, brotherhood, love and peace.

We walk in the footsteps of the ascended masters and the great teachers of East and West.

We seek to commune with the ascended masters and angels through the Holy Spirit and by developing awareness of our personal Christ consciousness.

We serve through prayers, mantras, songs and meditations—sharing the great teachings of East and West, and of the Heaven World.


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Spiritual Websites

We have created many websites for you to explore on the most important spiritual instruction of our time, given by the great beings of the Heaven World, the ascended masters East and West. These include teachings on the divinity in your heart, the divine spheres of your causal body of light above your head, the miracle action of the violet flame, the etheric retreats of the heaven world that your soul can journey to at night while you sleep, and the fact that we are each intended to become the Christ and the Buddha.

You can find the links to these websites at the bottom of this page, along with an Ascended Master Index, the Legend of the Ancient of Days translated into a dozen languages and many more.


Prayer Outreach Focused on Current World Events

One of the most important aspects of our outreach is to share the study of these teachings and our personal experience in applying them, in the context of what we see happening in the world. We have created many videos with commentary on current events and other relevant topics, posted on our You Tube channel, Golden Age Teachings and through our online radio broadcast, Divine Mother Speaks.

We also offer violet flame mantras on current world conditions through our Violet Flame Miracles blogtalkradio broadcast. And we have created a prayer focus page to help you direct your prayers, mantras and decrees to what we believe are the most important issues of our time from the perspective and teachings of the ascended masters and the heaven world.

Golden Age Soul Psychology

We publish new insights that come from the study and internalization of some of the most effective psychological teachings that pertain to soul freedom, including the inner family archetype model that was directly inspired by masters in the heaven world. Many of these can teachings are also compiled in the books you will find on our bookstore page.

Devotions, Meditations, Chanting and Songs

We regularly offer and publish meditations and devotions, along with new songs of divine love and kirtan chants from East and West.


Images of Light


Clairvoyant C.W. Leadbeater, who wrote many books for the Theosophical Society, explained that in the future golden age, about 800 years from now, people would no longer commune with God through a priesthood but through the Teraphim of music and art. In light of this prophecy, along with the new music we are publishing, we often create spiritual art focuses that you are welcome to enjoy and share. These can be found on our page, Images of Light.

Acknowledging Those who Have Inspired Us

We appreciate and draw inspiration from all of the true spiritual teachings of light that have come through the ages. We are devotees of Jesus and Gautama. We give homage to our spiritual teachers in this life, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the lineages of those who were messengers of the ascended masters in previous centuries.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to walk and talk with Mother and are committed to expanding a practical, loving and individualized expression of her life mission. We also acknowledge and explore with deepest gratitude the devotions and meditation techniques brought through Paramahansa Yogananda and his lineage, and the Vipassana meditation technique of the Buddha, lovingly released through Goenka.


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Please Support our Efforts

There are many wonderful organizations out there to support. We hope you will also find something of value here to support financially as well if you are able.

Lightbearers Worldwide is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Through our Paypal account, you can make a one-time conribution or set up monthly payments. Checks can be made to Lightbearers Worldwide. Please let us know if you would like a receipt.

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