We are Aquarian mystics.

We walk in the footsteps of the great teachers of East and West, and serve to set life free.

We commune with the ascended masters and angels of the Heaven-world through the love of the Holy Spirit.

We worship the light in every heart.

• Like Kabbalists of old, we labor to restore Adam Kadmon, to heal the divided body of God.

• Like Buddhists, we are mindful that love heals, and that hatred never ceases by hatred.

• Like Sufis, we proclaim there is only one God.

• Like Zoroastrians, we understand that that God is a living, sacred fire.

• Like Hindus, we worship that flame as the Atman within each heartbeat.

• Like Native Americans, we honor the flying eagle.

• Like Christians, we usher in the New Jerusalem and the City Foursquare as the divine blueprint of the Christ consciousness manifest through us.


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Engrossed is the bee of my mind on the blue lotus feet of my Divine Mother.
-Paramahansa Yogananda.



The relentless wave of light is a love determined...That oncoming love is welcomed by the children of God gathered on the shore of life.

They have known from the beginning that the wave would come, that the wave would make them one and carry them back to the Sun-Center of Being. For them the wave is a welcome sign of the ending of a cycle that was from the beginning— the choice of the soul acknowledged by God to go forth in free will to conquer a universe of the Self by the Self individualized within oneself....

To resolve the self, to dissolve the self, then become the Self....
That is the love that the fallen ones fear. It is their assimilation into a larger sphere....

Those who remember swimming in the womb of the cosmic Virgin, swimming in the water of Life, swimming in the light, light, light and in the sacred-fire seas beyond the seas. These stand on the shore of life and welcome the relentless wave of love....

For by and by the wave will inundate worlds beyond worlds and fill a cosmos and be a cosmos as one great sea of God. Every glistening drop a child of God become a son, until the whole body of universal awareness is one shimmering sea of light.

The relentless wave claims its own and disowns those who have disclaimed it....For them the oncoming wave, the expected wave, will be the relentless dissolution of the self—coil by coil, sphere by sphere until the foam tells the story of an ancient glory they could have made their own....

I AM Gabriel. I stand upon the shore of life with the children of the Light and I announce to you the coming of the relentless wave.

—Archangel Gabriel, Mysteries of the Holy Grail, recorded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 1978


As the Paris conference and proposed global agreement on climate change begins to unfold,what is the spiritual truth behind the issues? Let us revisit what the ascended masters shared with Mark Prophet more than forty years ago regarding pollution, climate change and population control. This perspective of the beings of the Heaven-world is recorded in the book Climb the Highest Mountain.

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