Here are some of images of light and animations we have put together over the years.

You are welcome to use these for your prayers and meditations.
If you would like to republish them, we would appreciate it if you would link back to our website,

Thank you and enjoy!




Elohim Hercules


Threefold flame in the heart animated







Lady Master Portia, Goddess of Opportunity



Threefold Flame in the Secret Chamber of the Heart




















Jesus' Resurrection Flame for Elemental Life


The Ancient of Days




Angel of the Presence in Cosmic Spirals of Light







Mighty Victory!






Announcing the Age of Aquarius


Beloved GuruMa


Archangel Michael: Out from the Sun, Flow Thy Dazzling Light!




Sainte Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower






The White Cube in the Heart


Blue Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother




Babaji, Himalayan Master




The Mystery of Easter: Jesus Reignites His Threefold Flame




Fairy blessing




In Meditation




Words of Maitreya


The Holy Family in the Age of Aquarius


Mighty I AM Presence


The Torch Is Passed!






Saint Teresa of Avila: The Interior Castle




Archangel Gabriel and The Relentless Wave of Divine Love: Mysteries of the Holy Grail


Eternal Life


This image of the Great divine Director was initially published by the Summit Lighthouse.
We added the world in the causal body and a focus of light over South America where the 7th root race will incarnate.








Vipassana Meditation: Beyond the Mind


Meditation on the Blue Rose of Sirius


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Buddhism


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Christianity


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Confucianism



Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Judaism


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Hinduism


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Islam


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Native Traditions


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Teachings of the Ascended Masters


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Egyptian Mysteries


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Taoism


Many Paths, One Divine Heart: Zoroastrianism


The Light of God Never Fails and the Beloved I AM Presence Is that Light!




Earth in the Solar Ring and Mighty Cosmos


On Shore of Bliss, OM Booming Breaks


Om, Om, Resounding Everywhere!




Seal, seal, seal in an ovoid bright, of the violet fire's clear light, every elemental
Set and keep them free, from all human discord instantly!


The Sponsoring Master


Light, set us free!





Beloved Godfre, who was embodied as George Washington and as Guy Ballard,
Messenger of Saint Germain for the I AM Movement and author of
Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence

Lanello's Ascension Day!